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Washington’s and Oregon’s lakes and rivers are playgrounds for lovers of recreational boating, sailing, and fun with other personal watercraft. However, with that fun comes responsibility. Owners are obligated to know how to operate their watercraft, as well as observe proper boating laws.

Were you the victim of an accident out on the water that occurred due to another person’s negligence? If so, count on our boating accident attorney in Vancouver, WA to hold the offending party accountable.

At the Harlan Law Firm, our adept legal team has over two decades of experience handling maritime accident claims. Over the years, we have helped many clients who have been injured in boating accidents receive compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We understand the ins and outs of local boating laws and will use this specialized knowledge to determine who can be held liable for your losses. Bring your claim to our boating injury lawyer as soon as possible to stand the best chance of receiving what you deserve.

Handling All Types of Boat Accident Claims

In most cases, victims of boating accidents can file a lawsuit if they can demonstrate the boat operator handled their watercraft with negligence. An operator is generally considered negligent if they:

  • Chose to Navigate in Poor Weather, Causing Individuals to Fall Overboard
  • Collided With Another Boat or a Fixed Object
  • Failed to Carry Safety Equipment on Board
  • Hit a Big Wave or Wake at an Excessive Speed
  • Overcrowding or Overloading the Vessel
  • Not following the rules of the water

If you file a claim relating to a boat accident, you have to consider more than just your local regulations and state laws. Accidents that take place in navigable waters also fall under admiralty and maritime laws. That’s why you should turn to our knowledgeable representatives for help with your unique case.

Boating Injury Lawyer Setting the Right Course for Your Case

The mark of regret should never stain a day of leisure. When you work with the legal team at our personal injury law office, we will take your side and help you restore your livelihood. We have the resources to investigate your claim and effectively represent you. We will use the evidence to show that you were a victim in the accident and not responsible for it. To start building your case, call us to speak with a boating injury lawyer.

Contact our knowledgeable boat accident attorney in Vancouver, Washington, to seek compensation from the offending party.  We proudly serve clients throughout Southwest Washington and in Portland, Oregon.