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Dogs are faithful companions to many, offering affection, friendship, and contributing to the greater well-being of a family. However, not all dogs are alike, and when their instincts take over, it can put people at risk. At the Harlan Law Firm, we understand the emotional and physical pain that a dog attack can bring. Our dog attack lawyer in Vancouver, WA will fight for you to help you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

Visit our personal injury law office for representation from leading lawyers for dog bites. During your complimentary initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to explain how the attack happened. Everything you tell our legal team could be instrumental in building a strong case.

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In Washington, dog owners are strictly liable for damages caused by their dogs. Here, strict liability means that if a dog bites someone while they are on public property or lawfully on private property, then the dog owner must provide the victim with appropriate dog bite compensation. The exception to this rule is that owners may avoid liability if they can prove their dog was provoked into biting.

In Oregon, however, the general rule is that the owner of a dog or another domestic animal is strictly liable for injuries caused by their animal only if they are aware of its dangerous propensities. For all other domestic animals, an owner is responsible for harm caused by their pet if they are negligent in failing to prevent the damage.

When you’re recovering from an injury, every bit of legal assistance counts. Our dog attack lawyer will carefully analyze the circumstance of your case to ensure you’re able to make a strong claim in court.

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Even animals that have no history of aggression can suddenly bite someone. While the owner may not have intended for their dog to attack you, they may still be deemed responsible should it happen. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a dog attack, seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Afterward, meet with our dog attack lawyer to assess the circumstances of the incident. Our skilled representatives will give you the best possible chance of recovering full and fair compensation for an unwarranted attack.

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