Choose a premises liability Slip and Fall Attorney in Portland and Vancouver, WA

You may take proper care of yourself, but even the most careful individuals get hurt occasionally. Some buildings have heavily waxed floors, or liquid may have been spilled creating an accident just waiting to happen. If you were injured, needed medical attention, and didn’t take legal action, you could be held financially responsible for your recovery. Seek reparation with help from a slip and fall accident attorney in Vancouver, WA by bringing your case to the Harlan Law Firm.

Property owners, both commercial and residential, are legally obligated to keep their spaces safe for visitors. If a proprietor knew or should have known about hazardous conditions on the premises and they cause you to fall resulting in injury, there may be grounds for a slip and fall lawsuit. At our personal injury firm our legal counsel is highly familiar with the laws surrounding these types of accidents. Count on our skilled slip and fall injury lawyer to build a case that shows that your injuries occurred due to dangerous conditions beyond your control.

Put Our Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer to Work for You

Our firm has a track record of obtaining full and fair compensation for clients injured due to dangerous conditions in both private and public premises. We believe that the best way to protect our clients’ rights in a slip and fall lawsuit is to investigate their claim thoroughly and prepare them for trial.

When you bring a slip and fall lawsuit to our injury lawyers, we make it our mission help you recover and keep moving forward.  We will perform a thorough investigation of the incident. If necessary, we’ll obtain a court order to examine the building and the exact spot where the accident occurred. In addition, we will interview any individuals that witnessed the fall.

Consult a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Immediately

It’s important to know that, according to Washington and Oregon state laws, the statute of limitations runs out within one to two years, depending on where the incident occurred. That’s why hiring a slip and fall injury lawyer in a timely fashion is incredibly important. An early start is crucial if you wish to maximize the potential outcome of your case. Consult us today to start drafting your legal strategy as soon as possible.

Contact our firm in Vancouver, Washington, quickly if you’ve been the victim of a slip and fall accident.  We proudly serve clients throughout Southwest Washington and in Portland, Oregon.